Crotona Fellowship


Our coven is an organized group of thirteen, ten witches and three warlocks. Our coven "Crotona Fellowship" started simply as a come together of members of the certified spell casters association.

Running our coven and training while sharing a good deal of experience under the guidance of our Grand Master Darren is tireless and often quite thankless work.

Stepping up to form a coven is actually stepping up to take responsibility and being prepared to accept the workload of casting spells on cold nights during the new and full moons, and on most weekends

But, because we never stop learning it is a great opportunity for us all to work together. 

There is much greater power in the Craft when performed together within a coven.

Each member of the Crotona Fellowship has made the commitment to serve those who entrust us with making their dreams become reality.


Our Council :

Darren: Our Grand Master 25 years experience in wichcraft, expert in Wiccan and Voodoo spell casting.

Gloria: 15 years experience in wichcraft expert in Akych, Voodoo and black maick.

Angela: 20 years experience in wichcraft, expert in Wiccan spell casting.

Eva: 17 years experience in wichcraft, expert in Akychi and black magick.

Crystal: 7 years experience in wichcraft, versed in and able to combine various spell casting technics.

Lady Lauti: 12 years experience in wichcraft, proficient in black/white magic, Voodoo and OBEAH.

Mary: 5 years experience in wichcraft, Mary takes over from her grand mother's own spellcraft tradition.

Alex: 13 years experience in wichcraft, practices many forms of the occult arts, and his family's Celtic Magick.

Leonard: 19 years experience in wichcraft, expert in Santeria and pure dark magick.

Lynn: 6 years experience in wichcraft, she is a prognosticator, skilled spell caster, healer.

Laura: 9 years experience in wichcraft, expert in ODU, of Egyptian ancestry, she is an African Gypsy Priestess.

Debora: 2 years experience in wichcraft, a gifted psychic who has mastered great spell casting skills.

Aniukha: 19 years experience, expert in Aniukha practices, Obeah, Santeria, and Voodoo magick.


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